What. the. hell.

You know what really just irks me?

When a guy acts super interested for weeks, a month or so and then, nothing.

They rapidly stop texting as often, never call, and then stop communicating altogether.

You did nothing wrong (or at least you think you didn’t) and everything just dwindles down into…. nothing. Poof everything that you thought was, is nothing.

You believed in a lie. You believed in everything you thought up in your own head.

But what REALLYYY annoys me is that you will NEVER EVER know what happened. EVER.

You can try talking to them about it, but all they do is deny anything is wrong or it is just a super awkward conversation to have.


My solution: Act like a lady, think like a man. What sucks is that the person who cares less, gets what they want. It is this stupid game we all play. 

Remember, relationships are like fat people: most of them don’t work out.

Don’t sweat it. Put that tiara back on and work that updo bitch! 


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